Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 - A Consumer Review

"This is not the newest mobile phone introduction from Blackberry. The flip 8220 was introduced in 2008, and there are no 3Gs, but the unit has some interesting features for its kind"

In dimensions it's 3.9 inches in height, 1.97 inches in width and 0.7 inches in depth. It weight around 101-102 grams. The phone comes in two colors - black and red. Anyway as the name suggest this is a flip-type smart phone including the SureType-keyboard. Once you get used to this type (the letter alignments are different) key-pad you can get a bit of a typing speed going on. Another thing about the keypad is that the buttons are arranged in a well spaced manner which makes the typing much easier.

The external display reads as follows. Screen size is around 1.6 inches with 65k (65,536 colors) and 128 x 160 pixels resolution. It shows many information, including battery status, signal strength and date/time, missed calls info, SMS notifications, audio track info while using the media player, etc. You can preview some of your mesages (including e-mails) from this external display.

Once you flip (flipping is really smooth and robust), you're presented with a much bigger internal screen with 2.25 inches and 65k colors + a bigger resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The graphics and text letters and numbers are brighter than the other screen and easily readable. The overall GUI is impressive thank to the OS update (4.6). You can easily re arrange the home screen with customized icons , font size adjustments and themes too.

Even though this is not a latest phone, yet in supports 16GB of external memory upgrades through microSD slot which is really high standards considering the released dates (2008). A 128MB of RAM + 256MB of another microSD card is included by default.

One of the biggest disappointment with the phone is its lack of 3G support. It comes with WiFi and you can arrange to make unlimited calls plan (around - $9.99, $19 - family plan) with in certain WiFi hots-pots.

The web browsing of Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 with the EDGE was pretty smooth and good (not staggeringly fast in comparison with 3G enabled devices). Overall web-video playback like YouTube was reasonable but some times the videos didn't cover the screen areas properly for some strange reason. The HTML browser did a good job loading pages and confronted very few errors again in comparison with the old OS versions. The e-mail facility is also really great (as always with the Blackberry), the unit even support syncing mails with your company's mail server!. And all the main mail services like, Yahoo, G-mail, AOL, Live etc are supported.

The audio quality of the calls were excellent. But in the speakerphone sometimes produces a bit of a buzz (not a big concern anyway).

The multimedia support is again very impressive. H.263, WMV and MPEG 4 -part 2 codecs are supported and MP3, WMA, AAC/C+, eAAC, AMR-NB audio codecs are supported. The audio out put also really good. This unit can give the user a top quality multimedia experience. So another star to entertainment.

The battery comes with a four hours of continues talk time and 14 days of standby time which is again good. Not the most powerful battery in the world, again after considering its released date.

In comparison with other so called flip-type latest phones, this units performance was excellent considering many factors (mentioned above). So if you seek flip phones (this type of phones reduces the strain of the neck - because of the obvious design factors) but ready to cope with not having a 3G connection, this might be your ideal partner

* There are many contract when buying - so the overall price may differ according to your choice.

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