Nokia Dual Sim Mobile

Nokia dual sim mobile is a bit unusual name for most of us because using two sims at once is not something that the mobile giant seemed to be interested in. But that's now is the past and with the introduction of the latest phones (few months actually but the trend is really new to nokia) called C1 and C2 are among the first two mobile phones by this Finland based company which fully supports double or dual sim ability. Before moving into the review let's talk a few things about the advantages and disadvantages of this feature.


*. The apparent ability to hold two frequency bands at the same time thus enabling the user to use one of the available connections is the first to mention.

*. You can also reduce carrying another separate phone for office related calls and another for personal usages which not only save a lot of money but also makes it easy to "manage" calls, etc.

*. Or you can use one sim as a monthly billing type mobile deal while the other can be used as somewhat cheap or emergency calling, etc.

*. One can also use the other sim to back up few of the contacts, etc.

*. If you travel frequently from one country to the next country and if one service on the sim has cheap local charges but has expensive international calling charges then you can use the second sim for more cheaper mobile deals, etc.


*. With the older versions the user had to turn off or restart the phone before using the next sim (which is not necessary with never versions however).

*. According to experts (because of restarting, etc) they consume more battery power than a singe sim phone.

*. These devices usually aimed at low cost or low end market meaning they won't come with Wi-Fi or even lacks 3G. So not cutting edge products in today's standards.

So not let's head back to the review.

Dual Sim Mobile Phone from Nokia the C1-00, Review

Here are few of the specifications first,

*. The weight is 72.9 grams or almost 73 grams. So light weight device when comparing.

*. Only 15mm of thickness. So not the world's slimmest mobile phone but ok.

*. 1.8 in display area with 128x160 pixels of resolutions and the color quality is 65k (depths). So not the sharpest or the most sharpest as but as mentioned above you'll have to cope with these characteristic if you want this type of mobile device.

*. Dual band ability which operates at 900 and 1800 MHZ frequencies.

*. FM radio embedded.

*. A flash light is also provided.

*. And as mentioned you don't have to turn off or restart to switch between two sims but can be done through the software interface within a matter of seconds.

*. Two colors choices are available (blue and red).

*. A reasonably bigger keypad (QWERTY) is also provided by Nokia.

*. Other more standard type utilities such as calender, clock, alarm, few games, etc are also included.

*. The contact can hold up to a maximum of 500 user data + a hand free set ability.

*. And no 3G, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS are also wiped out. So if you're looking for a much rich web browsing (facebook, etc) experiences then please avoid the C1-00 dual sim phone.

*. No memory expansion slots are available either.

*. 3.5mm audio jack and USB for pc to phone date exchange (with software) are also provided.

*. No simultaneous sim connections are possible meaning you can only use one connection at a time but switching to the other sim is pretty easy also (just keep pressing the asterisk key for few seconds).

So anyway, even after few disappointments such as no memory expansions, etc the price is also very low in comparison. And there aren't even a web browser (no use without those networks anyway). The multimedia ability is ok but when comparing newer models from nokia this is not even close and again you cannot expect much from this little fella nonetheless. The battery has a holding capacity of 1020mAh. So as a final note this latest nokia dual sim mobile is for those of you who search for a device which is both cheap and a robust at the same time. 

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