Latest Phones 2009

This is a list for those of you who are searching for the latest phones 2009. And in comparison the time may seem a bit old but still the phones themselves are (some of them) still very popular among electronic geeks. OK let's begin the list,

iPhone - 3GS

Now thanks to the latest iPhone release (version 4.0) the price of the somewhat "old" 3GS dropped significantly from what used to be around $300-200 now can be purchased on around $99 (according to Apple). This is one of the main benefits of these types of mobile phones since the more they age (it can even be months) they more cheaper they can get. Here are some of the key features of this old iPhone,

*. CDMA/HSDPA/GSM/EDGE and Wi-Fi are included for networks (and Bluetooth of course).

*. 3.5 in of main display area and the resolution is 480x320 which is pretty decent in comparison some of those "new phones".

*. All of the Apple (both audio and video) formats are supported - AAC/C+, MP3, Loseless, etc and for video - MP4, H264/H263 and other containers such as .m4v, .mov, etc.

*. 3MPX (mega pixels) of camera with video capturing at 30fps (640x480 resolution which is pretty decent) also includes the geo-tagging feature also.

*. Phone Battery - 12 hours of continues talk time when using 2G only but while on 3G it's reduced to 5 hours. 5 hours of internet through 3G networks and 9 hours through Wi-Fi.

*. For connectivity USB is provided. And the screen is touch sensitive and the 16million colors looking extremely beautiful.

HTC Hero

This is another one of the still very popular latest phones that was introduced in 2009 called the Hero (manufactured by HTC and somewhat the little brother of HTC EVO 4G). Here are some of its specifications,

*. This is an Android powered OS and from the beginning the users had the luxury of multitasking while using it (which was very lately introduced by Apple through the iPhone 4). There is a ROM chip which has the capacity of 512MB (for storing OS and other software, etc) and 256MB of RAM and according to the user preference the memory can be expanded through the microSD card slot.

*. Weights at 4.76 grams and consists of 3.2 in gorgeous looking display area which is second to no other (with a resolution of 320x480 resolution, yep another iPhone "killer"). For networks it also has GSM/CDMA, HSDPA and Wi-Fi.

*. One thing is that HTC has included a microphone jack with the standard 3.5mm output which is really a good thing since if you lost it or for some reason not happy with the quality of your headphones then simply purchase any standard one and simply plug it in.

*. The camera came with an impressive 5MPX (mega pixels) of depth with auto focus, etc.

*. Various types of both audio and video formats were supported by it such as - mp3, mp4, h263, h264, aac, aac+, wma, wmv9 are just to name a few.

*. For talking using CDMA (which is better than GSM but still not that wide spread) it can last up to 7 hours and while one GSM slightly ahead of the CDMA just above 8 hours. And standby time of 750 hours for CDMA and for GSM 440.

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Palm Pre

Palm Pre is a mobile phone that has a way of its own. It's slim and weight very little but still Palm has been able to include almost everything inside of this sexy looking mobile gadget. They do deserve some honest praise for this. Again let's have some of it's characteristics first,

They introduced WebOS with this mobile phone which did receive many positive feedback from the users. Including the multitasking and other things such as robustness and durability (+ ease of use) the OS does rock!.

*. Display - The 3.1 inches of display screen is one of the best ones in my tastes (ya it's all about taste actually). It has a 16 million color depths and 320x480 resolution and the graphics looks really (I mean really) sharp.

*. Unlike many other models since they started to follow the iPhone's style of dropping the keyboard (physical one I mean) Palm on the other hand decided to include a "real" one and it did pay off. It looks just a little bit small (but you can complain that much after having a look at the overall size of the device itself) but easy enough to use it. And further more for those of who want a touch sensitive display with a keypad, yep the Palm Pre has a all that too.

*. The camera has 3MPX of digital power with other built in features such as LED, auto focus and geo-tagging are just a few to name (including video capturing, etc).

*. For audio - MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, QCELP, WAV and for video - MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 formats are supported which is pretty decent.

*. 3G and Wi-Fi are also included.

*. It comes with a 8GB of memory stick (7GB usable since OS and other utilities use some of the space)

*. Battery - According to the manufacture it has 5 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby time. And again they also included the 3.5mm jack output which is really handy thing.

So this is not the all of those mobile devices that came in this time frame but these are somewhat one of the best latest phones 2009 and I hope you enjoyed the news.

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