HTC EVO 4G Phone - A Review

HTC EVO - World's First 4G powered mobile phone!

"HTC is coming hard at all the 4G latest phones out there. Nexus One, Droid series, HTC Smart etc.. they're gaining some serious attention from the mobile phone community. As the name suggest this is the first time ever that 4G was introduced in a phone."

As usual let me brief the hardware specifications first,

Dimensions       - Its 4.8 inch in length, 2.6 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick

Weight              - The total weight of the EVO 4G is 6 oz (that's including the battery)

Camera             - 8 Megapixels with auto focus, two flashing LEDs and a 1.3 MPX front camera-unit for video calling

Memory            - It comes with a 1GB of ROM (read only) and 512MB of RAM (read/write). It can be upgraded in the future using a microSD slot and by default there's a 8GB card is included with the package (max supported up to 32GB)

Networks          - CDMA operating at 800/1900 MHz and WiMAX 2.5 also operating at 2.7 GH, WiFi (802.11 b/g)

Display              - 4.3 inches of WVGA + 16 million colors supported (touch screen)

GPS/aGPS        - YES

Operating System - Android ver. 2.1

A bit more on hardware,

Like the droid Xthis is powered by a processor runs at 1GHz. And the display resolution is 800 x 480 and the camera is capable of recording videos at HD res (720p).On the display of the Evo 4G there is a sensor which automatically changes the phones brightness according to the surrounding conditions. The "virtual" keypad is very spacious (thanks to the big screen) and typing has never been easy. The landscape-keypad mode is bigger than the portrait-version and again a big + to HTC when it comes to the key-pad.

This latest 4G phone is not the world's slimmest but the "thickness" is really helping while typing. The more thinner the phone is the harder it is when it comes to typing letters. Anyway, there's 3.5 mm jack for a headphone and a USB output on the bottom area. There is also another port for TV output, this makes it easy to view the HD recorded videos to be played through a TV device.

Thanks to the Android OS many apps are available for the Evo 4G through Google apps. Such as Maps, Currency converters, voice to text etc. Facebook and twitter facilities are also great with the phone. Live Facebook updates and notifications are displayed on the display without being "annoying". This latest phone is really powerful and you can even watch Youtube-HD video content without buffering freezes thanks to the high speed WiMAX network.

* PC ----> direct live videos ----> Phone

Another cool feature that comes with this latest HTC phones (4G) is the PC to direct phone video conferencing facility. The app is called the Qik-Chat, and the early editions didn't come with it. But Sprint says you can receive it freely through subscribe. The default service is free but the disadvantage is that edition does not support HD video conferencing, so for that you'll have to pay $9.99 per monthly basis.

* Share 8 devices simultaneously!

With 4G hot-spots now users can share up to 8 devices through this mobile phone. Previously with WiFi the numbers were 5. The new 4G is 10x faster than its predecessor so downloading and uploading (HD pictures etc) multimedia files and online video playback are going to be smooth. However in real life experience this is still really new and the availability is not common. According to some experts the online TV streaming (through Sprint) was not satisfying. But then again this is most probably due to the wireless speed drops rather than the phones fault. Anyway the you-tube high quality can be played through the new phone without interruption.

Some experts have been able to achieve 4Mbps through the unit. And the overall call quality is also excellent. The speakers are also good. The camera also takes top quality 720p videos and picture at much higher resolutions.

The battery is a 1500 mAh unit. The phone achieved 12 hours battery life (with normal 4G usage - always on). Some testers while using with some heavy usage have been able to achieve 4 hours which is quite impressive. While the default talk time (over 3G) is set at 5.5 hours.

Anyway when it comes to superior screen color quality, a gorgeous 8 MPX camera, good battery life and HD video playback and the fast 4G,(The phone tends to be an android look n feel by the way. So like the iPhone GUI if you have a "thing" for the Android UI) this is one of the best latest phones for you!

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