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Samsung Vibrant SGH-t959 a brief review before the release!

This is another latest phone from Samsung. The Samsung Vibrant is due to be released on 21 of July. This phone is also seems to concentrate on the the HD video recording according to the phone giant. Anyway, let's see how the hardware specifications first,

Dimensions       - 4.82 inches (L), 2.54 inch (W) and 0.39 inches thick. This is a bit slimmer-type model. Once the battery is inside it weights around 4.16 ounces.

Display             - 480 x 800 in pixels. So the resolution is really good. There are no color depth news yet but most probably it should be around 16 million mark or else it can seriously hurt the marketing campaign for sure. The screen is a 4 inches and an AMOLED powered touch screen.

Operating System  - The OS is Android (2.1 is the current latest version but if they release some updates the version may change)

Camera             - 5 Mega-pixels unit with HD capturing abilities

Battery              - Talk time 6.5 hours and a standby time of 18 days

Other main features of the latest Samsung SGH - t959 phone includes Video messaging, and the mobile TV function is also really exciting. What this means is that, users can input high quality TV (they're talking about DMB type wireless video broadcasting) station to this latest phone and view them live!.

The GPS service and Bluetooth 2.0 + WiFi will also be available with the phone. There is also a TV-out jack for giving phone inputs to your tv. Anyway they talk highly about AMOLED screen and its abilities such as the anti-reflect to sunlight etc which can only be known once it's released.

* Great Social network support

Another main concern with the unit is the embedded social web-browsing. Popular services like Facebook, twitter are compatible with it and also many email clients such as G-mail and Yahoo too.

The camera seems very impressive according to Samsung. It comes with a preloaded 2GB memory card and can record HD (720p) resolution videos through it (LED and auto-focus are also included). The maximum memory is set at 32GB thorough M-SD. The default Mobile-tv android apps will give the user to watch more than 30 Live (NBC, ESPN etc) channels on the go. Another app which is becoming popular  is the Amazon-kindle which let you download huge collection of e-books is also included with the Samsung Vibrant SGH-t959.

Vibrant is also 20% less power hungry (according to the manufacture) than its predecessors (e:g-Samsung - Comeback SGH-T559)  and this is not achieved though slowing down the processor as it includes a 1GHz processor (codenamed-humming-bird). Anyway as said earlier it's too early to say anything until it's released, let's see if the Samsung Vibrant SGH-t959 can keep up to its promises!

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