New phone arrival from Samsung - Comeback SGH-T559

This is not the first time Samsung and T-Mobile joined together for manufacturing latest mobile phones, hoping to break some of the impressions that other phone makers have made. Anyway, one of the key features that include in comeback SGH-T559 model is the flip-keyboard (querty). It's apparent that it's injected to get some "space" within the messaging phone community.

The hardware specification reads as follows,

Dimension     - 4.3inches in length, 2.2 inches in width and 0.7 inches in depth

Display          -  1 inch, 128 x 128 default display (before sliding out) and 65K color PMOLED , after a 90 degree slide you'll get the internal 2.5 inch (262K TFT color) with 240x400 resolution

Weight           -  4.5 ounces

Camera          - 2 mega pixels with 2.5x zooming capability

Network        - quad-band (GSM 850/900/1,800/1,900; UMTS)

Connectivity   - Bluetooth 2.0, also includes a USB input

Memory         - 75 MB of usable memory space and supports up to 16GB external memory cards (microSD)

GPS               - Yes, also with Tele-Nav included

E-mail Support- Yahoo, G-mail, AOL, Comcast etc..

Once switch on the device the user is greeted with 5 main dashboard like icons (messaging, Web2go - web-browser, apps menu etc). The keyboard of this latest phone performs well when typing, especially when inserting URL addresses.  However, a little bit of a room should have been better. After all the device seems to emphasize on the keyboard anyway. But overall keyboard usability - OK.

The Internet experience is also impressive thanks to its browser and its 3G connectivity. But when it comes to zooming could get you into a bit of a hassle such as, had to go through a bit long list of menus to finally reach the function. That being said, the overall browsing quality is really good and included facilities like - javascript and flv video enabled (great news to YouTube fans) and smooth playbacks, very useful.

By default many multimedia formats + well organized equalizer and playlists,

*video - MPEG4, H.263/4, 3GPP (for camera recording) and playback , audio - AAC/C+, WMA, WAV, MP3, Real Audio and MIDI. So the unit is also rich in media formats too. You can even do multitasking and the OS (listen to a song while Facebook!) strain is hardly noticed. The camera (2MP) is reasonable, but don't hope to get image resolutions more than 320x240.

So after considering the excellent audio outputs (including clear audio calls), excellent online experience and also a battery with 5.5 hours of talk time I must say the SGH-T559 does its job by setting up high standards and quite capable of challenging other competing latest phones.

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