E72 - Another latest phone from Nokia

“With mobile solutions such as the E72, shows us the difference between the philosophies that these mobile giants believe in. For example when Apple is trying to dominate the market with an “all purposed” phone, Nokia on the other hand seems to believe the opposite. As a result of that when it comes to the end user to choose, Nokia has a whole lot of rich latest mobile phone solutions.”

First let’s have a look at the hardware specifications of this Blackberry type E72,

Color Choices are White or Zodium black version only

Dimensions – 4.48 inches in length, 2.29 inches in width and 10 mm in depth

Weight        -- 4.5 oz (including the battery)

Display        -- 2.36”, maximum resolution of 320 x 240 pixels – QVGA display screen with 17 Million Colors

Camera        -- 5 megapixel camera (maximum capturing resolution of 2592 x 1944), LED flash, auto-focus, 5x of zooming, one-touch key for focus

* Video recordings and formats – video codecs (.mp4, .wmv, RV, flv, H.263, 3GPP, H.264 and AVC. And 640x480 at 15fps video capture abilities. Audio are recorded in AMR and AAC (stereo)

Memory       -- 4GB memory card (microSD) + hot swappable. Maximum support for 16GB, users can also use USB 2.0 interface for PC and other data transfers

Networks supported – GPRS, WCDMA, HSUPA (max-2Mbps), HSDPA (max-10 Mbps), WiFi, EGSM and Bluetooth 2.0

Frequencies supported – Quad-band GSM/EGSM 850/900/1800/1900

FM Radio - 87.5 – 108 MHz

GPS          - Yes with maps

Quality features – Durability of this phone is outstanding, which is always the case with nokia. The steel cover supplements excellent protection. The processor runs at 600 MHz and handles user functions and other OS requests without annoying delays.

Excellent browsing experience!

The web browsing experience is also smooth and fast thanks to the hardware standards set by this unit. According to industry respected testers the web page loading time is significantly (8 seconds for Yahoo to load- for this fella) faster than the iPhone (took 16 seconds!) and both these latest phones used the same AT&T 3G SIM for testing. But the arrow-keys on the keyboard (physical) reported in some cases to navigate clumsily.

But that being said, when it comes to typing using the QWERTY keyboard is a breeze. Typing fast on a phone has never been such easy and it easily out performed many other brands. So it’s an excellent keyboard.

Quality of the calls and the overall audio out puts are excellent again with the E72. Again this gives the impression that they have really put some efforts in purifying audio-quality as this is aimed at the business community mainly. The battery was also impressive and comes with a 12.5 talk time and 20 days of standby.

Anyway apart from the minor arrow-key issue when browsing, all other facts are just perfect with this device (camera, audio, excellent browser and battery etc). So if you seek a phone not just to call but involve a lot of typing and web browsing, e-mailing etc this will be one of the best solutions you can get from the latest phones market!

*(price $330)

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