Nokia N900 - a review

"Latest phones market was bombarded by Nokia in the early 2010 with the new N900 phone. One of the main features that comes with the phone is the Linux based operating system. The OS must have helped cutting some of the product costs too. One main fact which truly makes the phone giant unique is their variety of phones which are targeted the low end and the high-end market. This phone is strictly aimed at the high-end market."

The hardware specifications are as follows,

Dimensions - 77 inches in length, 4.4 inches wide and 2.35 inches in depth

Weight        - 6.38 oz (including the battery)

Display        - 3.5" (touch surface), 800 x 480 pixels (WVGA) display resolution, brightness control

Camera       - 5 megapixels (dual LEDs) , 4:3 and 16: aspect ratios, JPEG/EXIF image formats are supported

Maps (GPS) - Ovi Maps is included and supports satellite and 3D maps

Memory      - Supports up to 32 GB memory capacity, microSD slot with hot-swappable (no need to power down to remove the memory card with the N900! and 16GB external-microSD is supported)

Embedded Networks - GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, WiFi, WCDMA and also Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity

Keyboard    - Full QWERTY keyboard (also includes an on screen-touch keyboard), stylus pen supported

Battery ,
Although these are general hardware specifications, when it comes to the practical usage experience; The battery life testings with 3G and WiFi connected (and heavily used), the latest N900 phones battery managed to survive almost a day. So when in comes to the average user (with normal web browsing and calls) this should last much longer than that. So in that sense the battery should receive some credit.

And also the response time/s of the phones applications are noticeably quicker than its predecessors (such as menu display delays, applications loading times etc.). The default web browser second to none (better than almost all) first with its speed, durability and smooth easy to use interface, Facebook and Twitters are gonna love this.

Apart from all that, another key feature that comes with this latest phones, is the Great Skype support. From the logging in to, making calls (audio, video) the quality of the audio + video etc is found to be excellent - so if you use "voip" often this is a big PLUS.

The multimedia functionality is also staggeringly superior. By default video formats like .mp4, .wmv, 3gp, H.264, Xvid, H.263, .avi are supported. The video camera supports video captures up to 800x480 pixels (.mp4, MPEG4, AAC-audio). A standard front camera is also included in the latest N900 phone for 3G video conferencing. You can connect the phone to a TV with NVC (nokia connectivity cable) to a PAL or NTSC TV.

*As a closing note, with abilities such as great multimedia support, superb audio sound outputs, top quality web experience (specially for the Facebook and Twitter fans), excellent 5 mega pixel camera and also the 3.5" touch screen display with 16 Million color support, even though this costs a bit ahead of the "popular" Apple iPhone this is one of the top performing latest phones from Nokia.

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