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Latest phones in the "low end" market may seem like having a bit of a hard time and loosing some interests from the end users. The reason is simple, more and more smart phones are introduced with high quality displays, fast processors and networks such as 3G, WiFi. But the low end market aimed phones such as the "HTC Smart"  are still popular among the individuals who don't fancy themselves for phones with such "decorations". 

Let's look at the hardware specifications first,

Dimensions - 10.4 cm in length, 5.5 cm in width and 1.28 cm in depth

Processor   - Qualcomm MSM6290, performing in speeds of 300MHz

Memory     -  256 MB ROM (non-rewritable), and 256 MB RAM, also includes microSD memory expansion slot for adding memory cards

Weight       - 108 g (grams)

Display       - 7.1 cm TFT-LCD Touch Screen

Camera      - 3 mega pixel capturing camera

Networks   - 3G (900-2100 MHz)
                     GSM/GPRS/EDGE and also Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity

Battery        - Talk time up to 240 minutes (4 hours)

The added 3G support can come in handy for those who use Twitter and Facebook access. Although the 3G connectivity which comes with this latest phones is not as fast as the standards goes but, it's just enough for the end user to use it as a web browsing unit. The overall multimedia support is also impressive and supports many audio and video multimedia formats too.

Audio formats supported - AAC, AMR, QCP, MID, M4A, MP3, WAV and also the Microsoft WMA

Video formats supported - MP4, 3GP,  M4V and 3G2

Although the phones video performance (considering the video resolutions) does not again supports big resolutions. But then again after considering the low price and its category this should be expected. But the overall audio quality is really good according to some testers. 

Anyway, if you search for a phone to browse the web with ease, fast and quality video playback (including a powerful camera) then this is not for you. But all you need is to make some calls, search the web and to listen to some music then HTC smart phone is recommended for you. And also the actual battery's' talk time may vary a little bit in real life usage. Anyway, in the category of budget friendly solutions the "HTC smart" could be an ideal solution in the latest phones market.

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