Nokia 7705 Twist – A Consumer Review

The Nokia Twist 7705 mobile phone was released in late 2009. One apparent factor with the phone is the design itself. To be honest the Twist looks a bit weird in comparison with other latest phones out there. Anyway let’s see how the hardware specifications stand,

Its 2.71 inches long, 2.71 width and 0.59 inch in depth. It’s not that slim in comparison with other models but the “thickness” is very useful when you it comes to using the keypad. With the battery fully loaded it weight around 3.4 oz.

Display Screen  -  2.4” inches, resolution is set at 320 x 240. The QVGA powered screen has color depth of 262,144 and also an Ambient sensor. The colors look pretty sharp and clear. And it also has an excellent brightness.
Memory            - It has 119 MB of internal and supports up to 16 GB of additional memory expansions through microSD slot.

Frequencies supported – 800/1900 CDMA (dual band)

Connectivity     - Bluetooth 2.0

Service              - Verizon Wireless

GPS                  - Yes (coupled with Nokia Maps)

Connectors       - USB 2.0 and a 2.5 mm UHJ connector

Camera             - 3.2 Megapixel camera only compatible with JPEG format, LED flash, 4x zoom, CMOS sensor, Autofocus, selt-timer are the main functions.

The Nokia 7705 Twist includes a rich multimedia support. By default it supports audio formats such as AAC, AAC+ v1, AAC+ v2, AMR-WB, WAV, MP3, WMA 9, etc. The video formats include

 When it comes to the keyboard the impressions are a mix of both good and bad. It’s fully loaded with useful shortcut keys (for music player, Internet browser, voice dialing and camera etc.). The alphanumeric keys are shattered in a hard to use manner which is the main concern. But after some time you can get used to the keypad of the Nokia 7705 Twist.

The phone-book is capable of memorizing 1000 contact data. Twist 7705 also includes calculator, alarm clock, notepad, currency converter, speaker phone etc. The mobile phone supports many e-mail clients (POP3) such as AOL, G-mail, Yahoo, etc. The Hot mail GUI is not that good. The Sync service is very good, it takes a bit of a time (depending on the amount of data) and there is no 3G with the phone either.

The web browsing experience is also good. It loaded pages and videos smoothly and the buffering never seems to halt. So the overall network speed is good. Because of the display some videos (16:9) won’t fill up the whole screen area.

The phone battery has 4.5 hours of talk time and 13 days of standby time. But according to some testers it has managed to last an impressive 6 hours and 40 minutes. The overall call quality was also very good. According to some testing experts, except for some rare background buzz (not annoying though), most of the time the call quality was excellent.

Anyway all in all the display is a bit small and the colors are not stunning either. And the photos quality of the camera is also poor. But if you can cope with those and looking for a phone just makes some calls and want some reasonable Internet experience also with an excellent battery life, then the Twist 7705 is not bad at all.

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