Latest LG Phones - The Remarq Turquoise, Review

"The Turquoise Remarq is another latest phone from LG and just by looking at its physical expressions one can tell that anyone who's heavily involved in typing on mobile phones are gonna love it. The rounded + the wide attributes gives room to a nice and comfortable keypad to be included by default. The digital-camera is however is a bit of a disappointment with this latest LG phone."

The camera is a 1.3 megapixel powered and is not capable of racing with other devices by any means. However, it didn't perform well when capturing images with reasonable quality. You can use it to upload them to your Facebook account or any other social media services. It's capable of capturing pictures in 3 different resolution settings.

The phone is 3.5 inches (the height), 2.5 inch in width and 0.6 inches thick. The manufacture "talks" highly about its being Eco-friendly. They say over 19-20% of the cover or the skin of this new phone is made out of recycled materials. And over 87% of the handset is reusable and manufactured according to the Energy-star standards. Anyway, including the battery it weights around 3.8 oz. The screen is a 2.5" area with a display resolution of 240 x 320. The applications and graphics looks nice and sharp but the color depth is set at 262k. But after considering the low price and its performance its not something to really worry about. 
On the side of the phone there is a microSD slot for memory upgrades (max 16GB). The usable memory is 22MB. And also an USB output for data syncing such as using a computer. The Bluetooth 2.1 is also included for connectivity. And as said earlier the key-pad is quite spacious (worth mentioning the big space-bar and enter keys) which make the typing easy on this latest LG phone. There are keys for Emoticons which are gonna come in handy for IM and Twitter type fans + the availability of the back-lit technology.

The Turquoise phone includes a contact saving utility which is capable of storing up 600 of your information. And the support for e-mail services such as Yahoo, G-mail, AOL, MS-Outlook and many others (POP and SMPT protocols).

It also has a reasonable music player with playlists, tag-editing, equalizer etc. Popular formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV etc can be played through it. The output audio was also good but certainly not the best when comparing with Sony Ericsson Vivaz for example. The overall calls had decent clearness but the people on the other end had few buzzes coming out through this latest mobile phone.

There are few other software such as a world clock, alarm, currency converter, web-browser, etc. For network technologies there are CDMA and GPS (with good accuracy). The battery possesses 5.5 hours in talk-time and the standby time is set at 7 days. So to wrap things up if you can cope with the VGA unit and the lack of 3G and WiFi but loves to have a spacious typing-pad around then this latest LG phone won't disappoint you.

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