The Latest Nokia N8 - A Review

"The N8 from Nokia is more likely a latest camera phone because of the whooping 12 Megapixel digital camera it consists of. It may not be the world slimmest phone (well not that thick either) but as a personal preference I like devices that are a bit thick. Because they are easy to grip, especially while typing. But the non removable battery is really a big disappointment."

There are multiple color choices with the N8 such as, Black, Red and few others which may differ according to the purchasing country. Its  4.47 inches long, 2.32 inches in width and 0.51 inches in depth. With the battery inside it weights around 4.76 ounces.

The display is big (3.5"). One of key aspects of Nokia phones is that when it comes to color depth most of the time they make sure to build them around 16 Million depth mark. Some may not see much of a difference especially if the screen is small. But the more it gets bigger the more the color-depths should go up otherwise (if you have a sharp eye) pictures and web pages will miss the most of their "beauty". Anyhow this latest phone model the N8s' has a 16:9 nHD touch sensitive surface with a 640x360 resolution. It consists of, starting from, ambient light sensor, accelerometer to a manometer (just to name a few).

The camera as pointed out earlier is one of the main features with this unit. Its a 12 MPX powered with a digital zooming capability of 3x. The 3x-zoom may not look like a lot, but keep in mind of the staggering capturing horse power of the phone "three" is a big number. There is also a front device with a 640x480 pixels for video calling facility. Captured pictures are stored in JPEG or EXIF formats. Other features such as flash, smile-detection, auto focus, etc are there also. Another popular feature is the Geo-tagging which enables you to automatically insert the location with the help of GPS is also there. Its capable of taking HD videos with 720p pixel-resolution and even playing them . There is also a TV-output.Thanks to the processor which runs at close to 1GHZ (coupled with another GPU)  there are no fuzzy or dragging "effects". The playback is really smooth. The picture and the video quality was great in N8 like with the Nokia X6.

There is a 16GB of memory embedded and another slot (microSD) is available for expansions in the future up to a maximum of 32GB. Three is a FM radio and the audio playback includes - mp3, WMA, MIDI, AAC, eAAC/+ and AMR. The output quality of the sounds were excellent. The overall call clearness was really good and should receive some credits also. 

The refreshed interface of the latest Symbian 3.0 looks eye catchy. Nokia N8 is the worlds first phone which is powered by the Symbian 3.0 version. There are many widgets for everyday use (calender, clocks, etc.). This mobile phone consists of rich wireless network solutions such as HSDPA, WCDMA, WiFi and the Bluetooth 2.0 is also there.

One of the concerning things about the device is the phone battery (1200 mAH). According to the manufacture it has a talk time of 12 hours. The standby time is roughly around 16 days. This is certainly not bad but the battery power strength is seems a bit low. But again according to the company this is a "power friendly" device. Anyway other than that that Nokia-N8 is a sexy looking latest camera phone.

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