Nokia X6 Phone - Review

"While many other mobile phone manufactures trying to achieve more "slimness" in their models Nokia on the other hand introduce devices like the Nokia X6 for example that are a bit thick. It may not look that "sexy" on the out side but as many experts pointed out many times in practical use (such as typing) the thickness can come in handy. One of the main aspects of this phone is the inbuilt memory capacity of 16GB, but when the X6 was first introduced it didn't include such monstrous storage data capacity."

Not just the memory support there are few other major improvements that come with this latest phone. The screen color depth of 16Million for example. Now one may think that many other manufactures also embed such high quality color-depths. Yes but let's take Blackberry for example, most of their version of smart-phones do not come with 16M-colors. Anyway back to the specifications again,

The screen consists of a 3.2" area with a 640x360 nHD resolution in pixels. As said earlier the devices is a bit thick which is set at .54 inches (L - 4.37, W - 2). The display is a 16:9 (wide)-screen coupled with the popular accelerometer (rotate the phone the display automatically rotates - there are some people who might not know that ok - no disrespect intended).                                  

There is no Key-pad (physical), since its a touch-screen Nokia has decided to go for a touch-keypad. The buttons and the overall key ares does a good job when it comes to typing. But it would have been nice if the buttons were a bit bigger. There are numerous finger-tip functions that are available with the Nokia X6 such as screen-zooming (finger double tap) etc. If they can give the end users typing utilities such as the Swype like with the Samsung Captivate - SGH-i897 the overall speed could be much higher. Let's hope it'll available in the future.

Thanks to fast internet access through high speed 3G connections the web experience is very satisfying. The browser loads page pretty quickly and some smooth video (Youtube etc) playback too. But there were some drawbacks (such as browser crashes) while accessing heavy detailed web pages including flash files. Hopefully this could be due to software errors and let's hope they'll provide updates for them. By default there are WCDMA, HSDPA (max download speed 3.6 Mbps) and for connectivity Bluetooth 2.0 and USB for PC to phone sync is available. With the help of the Nokia PC suite the Nokia X6 can easily be used as a modem for your laptops or PCs. WiFi is also included.

When it comes to producing quality pictures the 5MPX camera is one of the best. The highest image resolutions is 2592 x 1944. The digital zooming is set at 4x and other functions include auto-focus, LED flash (2), self time and scene modes are just to name a few. The video capturing is also very impressive. Even though comparing with other latest phones out there it may not the best. But certainly the 640x480 at 30 fps should be more than enough for the most of us.

When it comes to the multimedia support Nokia has always been one of the best. While Apple is forcefully trying to hold their users to "their" formats the X6 supports wide variety of formats such as MPEG4-AVC playback 30 fps QVGA, WMV9 playback 30 fps QVGA, MPEG4-SP playback 30 fps nHD. And audio codecs include mp3, SPMidi, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA. The overall multimedia experience was really good. Oh there is also a FM stereo radio available too.

The battery (according to the manufacture) supports up to 17 days for standby. And the talk time is more than 11 hours (using GSM) and it's reduced to 6 when using WCDMA.

So all in all this is a great phone from the famous manufacture, if they can send some updated web-browser and fix few other software errors the Nokia X6 (even the price is reasonable) could be a handy choice also concerning the cell phones' battery life.

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