Swype - How to Type Faster on a Mobile Phone

Swype - Type fast on your Touch-Sensitive Smart Phone,

Most of the mobile devices these days seem to go for a touch-type screen rather than the old physical button layout and other functional keys. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Anyhow when it comes to typing on a phone few advantage of using a "virtual" key-pad are the ability to customize, fix bugs, change button size, arrangements etc. But one of the most important of all the advantages is the flexibility it gives the mobile phone designers and engineer to introduce new and efficient ways to make the typing faster.

So is it (Swype) any better?

Well, the traditional method of touch-typing on a phone is done simply by finger contacts on the display screen. So is with the new method. But the only difference is that, when typing rather than move your fingers all over from that button to this, Swype lets you simply "drag" the keys and build words. If you're a touch typist then you're aware of the fact that our fingers feel really uncomfortable jumping from this to that, it's human nature, I think. But simple dragging (without much of a finger raise) can make you feels at ease almost immediately. But let me remind you than to get used to this method takes a bit of a time, but according to results (there are still some good and bad attributes) it performs better than the traditional method (over 40 WPM - according to the company, anyway). 

The Swype software is not available for all platforms currently and only comes only with some latest smart phones only. But if it gets popular and some attention from the community then it "could" be available for almost all mobile platforms such Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, etc(since its a software this can easily be achieved).

Currently it comes with certain models and only seems to support Android OS and if you're a Droid X fan then you already have it (if not simply visit the site below and get it). But as said earlier things can change dramatically in the future. For example more and more Facebook and Twitter apps are (demanded by users) embedded in latest phones and people need ways to type faster on phones, so lets see what the Swype has to offer to us in the future.

To know more about the technology and availability please visit this site -> Swype - Touchtype

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