Another Latest Samsung Phone - The "Moment (SPH-m900)", A Review

With a roomy keypad + beautiful touchscreen and an exceptional call quality the codenamed "Moment" is another latest Samsung Phone from the mobile giant. Anyhow other than those features the OS is powered by Android which is again gaining some respect from the community. While there are many other reasons one apparent thing for the choice could be because of the low cost and the multitasking ability also. Anyway let's get back to the review...

The weight is around 5.6 ounces. Length 4.6", depth (0.63") and the width (2.34"). The AMOLED powered screen 1.78"x3.2" (320 x 480) resolution. The color depth is set at 16 Million and the display looks really good. There are many widgets which are visible on the "Home" page such as a clock, battery status meter, convert, etc. The keyboard (QWERTY) consists Power on and off, etc but the absence of navigation keys can hurt a little (they are not on the keypad but on the main surface). The outside appearance looks a bit like the Samsung Vibrant SGH-t959 . The typing experience was also good thanks to the well designed key-pad. It would be nice if in the future applications such as Swype (type faster on mobile phones) are introduced through online stores with this latest Samsung phone.

The file format support for proprietary software such as MS office, Excel and Access for instance are also embedded. Almost all e-mail clients like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Gmail are also supported with POP3 + protocols. The web browser was also performed well. Thanks to the high speed internet access through networks like 3G or WiFi hot-spots online video playback (Youtube etc) were smooth too.

The camera (3.2 Megapixels) was also good. It is capable of taking some quality pictures with high resolutions but other than the standard LED-flash there isn't much to mention concerning features such as digital-zooming, timer, etc. The video recording were also not bad but wasn't in the top of the list concerning other mobile phones like mentioned in the review of the Sony Ericsson Vivaz with a staggering 8MP. Another popular that comes with this latest Samsung phone  is the ability to directly upload your photos to web sites such as Flicker, Facebook is also there and can come in handy for those who are social.

There is Bluetooth, headphone connector jack and also an USB port for data syncing functions and GPS is also there. And as mentioned earlier the overall clearness of the calls were pretty good. The noises that usually get picked up from background were at a minimum level. According to the manufacture the battery can give a decent amount of time (5 hours) and the testings confirmed that the numbers are decently accurate. 

Slide type devices like this and also flip phones are also starting to reappear with some added features to compete against iPhone type units which is nice to see actually because different people have different needs and one trend won't reach all of their needs. So all in all,  Moment(SPH-m900) is a pretty good latest Samsung phone.


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