Latest Phones from Motorola - The BackFlip, review

Latest Phones - The BackFlip

"Even though there are many new phones out they're not all worth writing about. But the reason that I choose to write a bit about it is that, even though they've been designing these devices for a long time because of Apple, Blackberry and some other giants in the field has been dominating the market with devices such as Sony Ericsson Vivaz, Nokia N8 for instance it just feels like they were a bit thrown away."

But starting with Droid X and some others recently (are flip phones, slide-type, becoming popular again?) and I don't know what they did different (maybe firing some of the "old" heads in the engineering section - just kidding) but this time it seems like they've what it takes to get there and win some decent portion of the market.

So anyway let's see the see hardware specifications first,

* Display - 262K colors, 3.1" with a resolution of 320x480

If you have a look at the picture below you'll that the display actually is really good looking one. But be aware that in my experience most of the time these companies (they're really good with that aren't they?) usually make sure to post a small picture of the phone so the less the resolution (+ some dark background - another trick - ha) of the image most of the time the screen can look gorgeous. Anyway even without the 16Million depth the images looks good but in comparison with some others (Nokia N900 for instance) did lack some quality.But that being said, again the 262K certainly looks really good.

The weight is 4.7 ounces. The length is around 108 mm, width 53mm and a depth of 15.3 mm. The Motorola BackFlip also comes with a physical keyboard  (+ onscreen one too - since it's touch-sensitive). And as the name suggests you have to do a back-flip to see the keypad. It'll also be nice if they include Swype with the OS as it has revolutionized the way we use the keyboard (you can achieve 40WPM - yes it makes it easy to type on mobile phones). The buttons and the arrangement seems nice and roomy. The large space-bar button and navigation keys to the right end were also good. The backlight is there too which is something most of the manufactures seems to "forgot" to include. It certainly makes using it easy when you're in darker surroundings.

For some reason the OS is Android 1.5 but they say you can easily jump to the 2.1 version. Even though Google now has released the 2.2 version too but they decided to stay with the latter maybe because of some sort of stability issues. There is also 3G and WiFi. There is also Bluetooth (2.0) and the only reason that it exists in these latest phones mainly due to the Handsets. You can use it as a remote controller device too. WCDMA and an accelerometer is there too. GPS with Google powered maps, etc are also there. The USB port (micro) is included by default for Sync functions.

The camera is a 5MPX unit with 4x digital zooming capacity, Autofocus, LED, image editing utility and also Geo Tagging. But for a 5MPX camera the overall image quality wasn't that good. It can certainly take some decent pictures with high resolutions but in comparison with others wasn't great. For serous image capturing checkout the 8.1MP Vivaz. Audio and Video playback is also looking good. MP3, WMA, AAC, MPEG4, H264/263, etc are supported (with 24fps).

The call-output quality was very satisfying indeed. Both incoming and outgoing voices were very clearly heard from the both ends. So when it comes to making some serious call this is highly recommended.

Almost all E-mail clients such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc, are supported through IMAP + POP3. And thanks to the faster wireless networks the web experience was also good. The browser picked and loaded pages + flv videos pretty quickly. It comes with a 2GB memory (non removable) and through the microSD card you can install up to 32GB which is pretty much the standards size in comparison with others.

The phone battery can give some decent continues duration of roughly 6 hours but most of the time will go below or up depending on the conditions. Anyway other than a bad digital camera this is a decent unit from Motorola. And I hop you enjoyed this review about the latest Motorola Phones. Thank you for reading.

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